Symptoms that indicate that something is wrong with your heart

The heart beating inside of you is a sign that you are alive and its normal functioning is very important to keep you healthy. There are over hundreds of different conditions that can affect your heart, and while some of these are congenital, others are a result of unhealthy lifestyle practices that we follow in our day to day routine. Just like other medical problems, heart diseases and ailments come with certain symptoms that should not be overlooked. However, the best doctors in Indore suggest that not all heart ailments come with clear symptoms or warning signs. It is due to this very reason that doctors recommend regular heart check-ups. These not only help to keep you updated with your heart health but also help to figure out if you are at risk of any heart disease.


As per the best angiography doctor in Indore, there are certain factors that put you at a higher risk of developing heart disease and if you fall in the risk category, it is extremely important to get your heart health evaluated from time to time and watch out for the following symptoms.


Chest discomfort - Well, this is one of the most common warning signals that indicate that something is wrong with your heart. If the chest discomfort is related to arterial stenosis or heart attack, you are likely to feel tightness and pressure in your chest. There is a particular word to explain how the pain feels and the experience is different for different people. For some, the pain may last only for a few minutes, while others might experience it for hours at a stretch.


Though chest discomfort is a very usual symptom, it is not necessarily experienced by everyone. In fact, women can have a heart attack without any chest pain at all.

Dizziness or lightheadedness - Dizziness and fainting are associated with a variety of different problems. These can even be a result of excessive exertion or a lack of proper nutrition. However, if these are accompanied by chest discomfort and breathlessness, there is a need for proper medical assessment and evaluation. The symptoms can be triggered by a lack of oxygenated blood in your body, which can cause your blood pressure to drop significantly.

Fatigue and exhaustion - If you are feeling too tired to indulge in day to day physical activities, or if you feel winded or drained, just after climbing a couple of stairs, it is high time you go and see a doctor. Extreme exhaustion and weakness, that is experienced for days at a stretch, maybe a sign that something is wrong with your heart. Women especially need to watch out for these signs.

Snoring - Snoring once in a while is normal, however, if your partner is complaining that is not a lot, you should definitely consider seeing a doctor. As per the experts from the best hospital for cardiologist in Indore, loud snoring or choking in sleep can be a sign of serious health issues like sleep apnea, which is marked by brief pauses in your breathing, while you are fast asleep.

Persistent cough - Coughing is usually associated with problems in the lungs, however, this is not always the case. A persistent cough may be an indication of a heart problem or disease, especially if you are producing white or pink coloured mucus alongside. If you are wondering why this happens, it is because your heart is not able to supply the required amount of oxygenated blood to the body, as a result of which the blood starts leaking into the lungs.

These are only a few symptoms and there are many more that indicate that your heart might be in trouble. So it is always a better idea to get the symptoms evaluated at the earliest. This accessory holds for people who fall in the risk category, which includes old age, obesity and a family history of heart problems.

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