Signs of good news: Early symptoms of pregnancy you should watch out for

To be able to hold your baby in your arms is a blessing and the journey begins way before, right after you conceive. The 9 months of pregnancy are special for every woman and it all starts with a pregnancy test. However, some women don't realize that they are pregnant for quite a long time. This usually happens when your pregnancy is unexpected. As per the best Gynecologist in Indore, there are some signs and symptoms, that indicate that you might be pregnant. While not every pregnant woman may necessarily experience the early signs of pregnancy, most of them do. In fact, the symptoms may vary from one woman to another.

You will be surprised to know that even after experiencing the symptoms, many women tend to overlook them because the early symptoms of pregnancy often mimic those associated with ovulation. And women often tend to confuse between the two.

In this blog, we have mentioned some of the very common, early symptoms of pregnancy, with the help of the best gynaecologist for pregnancy in Indore. These are:


Spotting and cramping

After the sperm fertilizes the egg, the resulting embryo attaches itself to the uterine wall, with it continues to grow. As this happens, you are likely to experience slight spotting owing to implantation bleeding. This usually happens within the first two weeks following the fertilization. Since it is quite difficult to differentiate between pregnancy cramps and menstruation cramps, many women tend to think that they are experiencing these two symptoms as a sign of mensuration. However, unlike the latter, spotting and cramps associated with pregnancy are not as severe. Apart from the blood, there can also be white discharge from the vagina, which is a result of the thickening of the vagina walls. This starts to happen soon after you conceive. Some women may experience this discharge throughout the course of the pregnancy, and it is quite natural. However, if the white discharge has a pungent smell or you are experiencing a burning sensation in your vagina, it could be possibly due to an infection that needs proper medical assessment.


Changes in the breasts:

Another early sign of pregnancy changes in the shape and size of the breast. This happens due to the various hormonal changes that a woman experiences during pregnancy and especially post conception. Your breast may become swollen or sore. So women even tend to experience the darkening of areola. There are several other conditions that can lead to such changes in your breast, some of which are quite serious. Hence, it is important to consult a specialist if you are experiencing any such symptoms and get yourself evaluated.



Feeling tired after a long day of work is quite normal but if you have been experiencing fatigue persistently for the past few days, it could be a sign that you are pregnant. Now you must be wondering how conceiving a child can make you feel tired. Well, as per the best gynaecology doctors in Indore, this is due to the elevated levels of progesterone. Another possible reason is that pregnant women tend to have alleviated blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Women who experience fatigue during their pregnancy are recommended to increase their protein intake by eating foods that are loaded with the same. Also, it is very important to take proper rest and refrain from indulging in activities that can cause too much exertion.


Morning sickness:

It is one of the most common terms associated with pregnancy because many pregnant women tend to experience it. Women who experience morning sickness feel nauseated during the morning and some might even have a sudden urge are craving to eat some food that they cannot stand. This could possibly be due to hormonal changes. Even the mere thought of foods that once used to be your favourite can make you throw up, and you can crave foods that you never liked. While some women may experience morning sickness for the first trimester only, others may experience set throughout their pregnancy. It is important to consult a specialist and manage the problem effectively, as it can prevent you from taking the right amount of nutrients that are essential for you and your baby.


Experiencing these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you have conceived but it is always better to go for proper evaluation and assessment for assurance.


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