Is your child complaining of stomach aches? Watch out for these symptoms

“I have a tummy ache” and “My tummy hurts” are two of the most common excuses made by children for missing school and, maybe, this is why many parents do not take the problem too seriously, unless and until the child is showing other symptoms and signs along with the pain. Well, there can be multiple reasons behind why your little one is experiencing tummy ache and the best stomach doctor in Indore suggests that these could range from minor problems like indigestion to serious and life-threatening conditions like cancer. So, it is always better to go for a detailed evaluation and assessment.


In this blog, we have listed some signs and symptoms that indicate that your child’s stomach ache could be an indication of something serious, with the help of the best gastro doctor in Indore.


  • Traces of blood in the stools - If your little one tends to stay constipated, it is quite likely for you to notice traces of blood in his/her stools, which is not something serious and can be easily managed. However, if your child is having a severe stomach ache along with it, this could be because of a serious underlying condition like chronic infection, inflammatory bowel disease, and internal injury.
  • Vomiting blood - This is extremely serious and calls for the need of immediate medical intervention. It is quite possible that the problem could be due to a lost tooth or hard blow to the jaw, however, if your child has been experiencing stomach pain too, It is pertinent to seek proper medical help.
  • The child looks pale with a swollen face - Both these symptoms, along with stomach pain, could be a sign of a serious allergic reaction for which the child will need immediate hospitalization.
  • Green vomit - A child is likely to throw up green vomit if he/she is having an intestinal obstruction that is preventing the movement of wastes. Sometimes, the child may also throw up yellow vomit, which is equally concerning.
  • The child has chest congestion and cough - Wondering what could possibly be the relationship between stomach ache and cough? The best gastrologist doctor in Indore suggests that a simultaneous onset of cough, congestion and stomach pain could be a sign of serious viral infection like Covid-19. So, it is important to take all the safety measures and seek immediate medical assistance.
  • The child is shedding pounds - Small children tend to be active and you are quite likely to experience a change in their weight as they are growing up. However, this may take months and even years. However, if your child is losing weight rapidly and that too unintentionally, you need to go for a detailed examination
  • The child has rebound pain - Rebound pain in the lower right side of the abdomen is a sign of acute appendicitis. If your child is experiencing such pain, immediately rush him/her to the hospital. Delay in treatment can lead to the bursting of the appendix which can prove to be life-threatening.

If your little one is showing any such signs, consult a doctor immediately.













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