Foods to limit/avoid if you have GERD

GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease is a chronic condition marked by the frequent onsets of acid reflux, resulting in heartburn. Occasional acid reflux is a very common problem, however, if you have GERD, you are likely to experience the problem on a daily basis, which is quite likely to affect the quality of your life. You may not be able to have your favourite food or enjoy your favourite drink. There are many conditions that may be indirectly linked to your diet but this is not the case with GERD. There is a direct link between the problem and your eating habits. Gastroesophageal Reflux disease can be managed with the right medication, but, the top gastrologist in Indore suggests that solely depending upon these is not going to help you as much as making some healthy dietary choices.


There are a variety of foods that can trigger the problem and eliminating these from your daily diet can significantly help to keep the problem under control.


Here are some foods that can aggravate your GERD, as listed by the best gastro doctor in Indore.


  • Dairy foods - We use dairy food multiple times in our day to day life. This refers to all the products made up of milk, including curd, cheese, ghee and butter. It has been found that dairy items that use cow's milk can worsen the symptoms of GERD, making it extremely important to lower their intake. These include whole milk, 2 per cent milk, yoghurt, cheese, flavoured milk, and ice cream. As per the best gastro doctor in Indore, whether you need to completely avoid milk products, or just lower their intake, completely depends upon how your body reacts to them. There are healthier options like low-fat dairy products or milk derived from plant-based sources like soy, almonds and coconut.


  • Alcohol - It is usually said that alcohol if taken in moderate amounts, is not bad for you, however, this does not hold for people with GERD. If you have been diagnosed with the problem, you need to strictly refrain from drinking all forms of alcohol, be it beer, wine or anything else. Alcohol consumption can drastically impact your digestive system and when you have a problem like GERD, it can lead to serious complications. It is important to understand that alcohol may not be responsible for your GERD, but it is surely going to aggravate your symptoms. If you are finding it difficult to leave the habit of drinking, at least right Limited consumption to 1 drink in a day.


  • Caffeine - If you are a caffeine lover, this might be a piece of bad news for you. If you are suffering from GERD, you cannot risk taking caffeine in any form, be it tea, soda, energy drink or your favourite cup of coffee. Although it is not known how caffeine intake affects GERD symptoms. Some studies suggest that there might be no relation at all, while others point towards the intense effect of caffeine. It is quite possible that caffeine may impact different people in varied ways.


  • Foods that are acidic in nature - Many fruits and vegetables have an acidic nature, which can trigger GERD symptoms. Hence, you should avoid eating citrus fruits like grapefruit, lemon and oranges, and juices made from the same. Apart from these, citrus fruits are also found in garlic, onions, mint, tomatoes and various processed foods.


Chocolate - If you have been detected with GERD, you will need to give up your love for chocolates. The best gastro surgeon in Indore suggests that this applies to all sorts of chocolates, even the dark ones.

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