Erectile dysfunction: 5 tips that might work when pills do not

Erectile dysfunction is a problem marked by the inability to achieve or maintain erection. For most males, the condition can be quite embarrassing, and this is the reason why men across the globe spend thousands, or even lakhs to manage the problem with medicines. However these only offer a temporary solution and may come with plenty of side effects. However, there is no need to stress about it as there are some other options available that can help you in managing your erectile dysfunction. We are going to discuss five of these tips in this blog, with the help of the best urologist in Indore.


Avoid taking all sorts of supplements - There is a wide range of supplements available in the market that claim to help men with erectile dysfunction, however, you should be aware of the fact most of these do not have a shred of solid evidence to support what they claim. We often tend to believe that natural substances do not cause any side-effect, but this is not true as these substances can trigger allergic reactions and can even prove to be dangerous. A per the experts from the best multispeciality hospital in Indore, it is always better to consult a specialist if you are planning on taking any such supplements.


Think twice before considering testosterone therapy - Some people think that testosterone therapy can help in treating their erectile dysfunction. This is completely false. The therapy has nothing to do with your problem and is only recommended to males who are suffering from testosterone deficiency. So, if you are considering testosterone therapy for ED, you definitely need to reconsider that thought. The treatment can help to boost sexual function by triggering the production of the male reproductive hormone, testosterone.  Also, the medicines should not be taken without consulting your doctor.


You can try a penis pump - This is a very good option, especially if you are concerned about the side effects, as this doesn’t come with any. You can easily get it from your nearest chemist shop, and that too without any prescription. This can help you to get a proper erection, however, to maintain the same, you will need to place a tight elastic band at the base of your penis. Also, the results are not completely satisfactory, as slight floppiness is possible.


Penis injection can prove to be a boon for you - Penis injections are not as bad as they sound a and these might actually prove to be very effective. The idea of a needle being injected into your penis might scare you a bit but there is nothing to worry about at all and you will get over the fear after your first trial injection. Experts from the best urology hospital in Indore suggest that about 80 per cent of men who opt for the treatment have a rigid and long-lasting. The treatment has some cons as well, such as the development of scar nodules, no spontaneity and slight pain.

Go for penis implants - For, many men, penis implants may prove to be the best solution with permanent results. The treatment will hel[p you to achieve hard erections, with spontaneity. It is a gold standard treatment, which can be performed on anyone, provided you do not have an intolerance to anaesthesia. It is normal to experience slight post-operative pain, which may last for a few days and can be easily managed with the help of medication. It is important to note that if you are responding well to medication or other treatment options, getting the implant will cost you your natural ability to achieve or maintain an erection and you will solely depend upon the implants.

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