Common Signs of An Unhealthy Heart

The heart is directly or indirectly responsible for every cell in the body which requires oxygen, water, nutrients (like vitamins and minerals), and immune support because it pumps blood throughout the body. A healthy heart ensures an individuals’ well-being with better long quality of life. It also correlates with good mental health.


Every heart problem does not show clear warning signs which makes it hard to tell that what is exactly happening in the body. But some insignificant clues can mean there is an issue with the heart. If people learn to spot these signs, they can take early action and prevent the occurrence of medical emergencies. The cardiac specialist at the best heart hospital in Indore recommends especially watch for the following symptoms that are related to an unhealthy heart:


  • Chest discomfort (angina): A heart may likely be the culprit if a person experiences some burning, pinching, pain, or pressure in the chest where the heart resides.


  • Shortness of breath: It is a feeling that a person is not able to breathe properly, thereby compelling him/her to have rapid and shallow breathing. In the case of aortic disease, heart failure, or arrhythmia when blood is not pumped efficiently throughout the body, shortness of breath may gradually develop in the patient.


  • Irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia): It is a condition wherein a person feels the heart is racing or their pulse is dropping down suddenly. Arrhythmia is a heart problem that may be a serious concern sometimes. A person may look out for atrial fibrillation (when electrical regulation of heart is not there, resulting in the faster heart beating i.e. up to 300 beats per minute); ventricular fibrillation (when distorted electrical signals to the heart result in ineffective and irregular squeezing of ventricles of the heart in lower chambers); and premature ventricular contractions (when the heart skips a beat mostly due to heart disease).


  • Pain in the left arm or shoulder: The nerve in the left arm or shoulder sends signals to the same pain center as the nerves of the heart. Thus the brain may interpret that heart is in trouble if the left arm or shoulder hurts.   


  • Persistent heartburn, stomach or back pain: Especially women shall take care of these symptoms that could point out to trouble in their heart (like a heart attack).


  • Less stamina: If a person has reduced strength and endurance during a workout along with other signs like nausea, fatigue, dizziness, short breath, unusual cold sweating, or chest discomfort, it means there is some underlying heart condition.


  • Constant fatigue: When a person becomes oxygen-deprived, it could lead to trouble in performing easy daily tasks. This could be a classic sign of having a failing heart.


  • Lightheadedness or dizziness: This indicates that the brain is not able to receive sufficient oxygen which could be caused by a lack of blood supply to the brain or lack of oxygenation of the blood. All these symptoms could be a result of valve disorders, heart failure, or atherosclerosis. 


  • Swollen feet: It could be a sign of deep vein thrombosis and an indicator of heart failure. This is because of inefficient heart pumping that result in the pooling of blood in lower body extremities due to gravity.


  • Sexual health issues: One of the first signs of having coronary artery disease is endothelial dysfunction (i.e. blood vessels are not able to dilate). In males, this usually causes erectile dysfunctions.


  • Sleep apnea or snoring: Sleep apnea (commonly associated with snoring) is a condition wherein the breathing may stop and restart intermittently during sleep. It could be caused by heart failure that could impede the functioning of the brain resulting in involuntary breathing reflex.


What to do if a person has some unhealthy heart symptoms?


A doctor appointment is necessary to detect the heart problem at an early stage. Consult with the expert cardiologist and best heart surgeon in Indore at Vishesh Jupiter Hospital and they offer world-class treatment and excellent care for heart-related problems.


Some tests might help in determining the markers of heart health, such as:


  • High-sensitivity C-reactive protein: If levels are more, it means there is inflammation- a warning sign of coronary artery disease.
  • Glucose: High levels can lead to heart disease because of damage to the heart and blood vessels.
  • Total cholesterol: Excess amount indicates heart disease or atherosclerosis.
  • Triglycerides: Its high level in blood could mean arterial wall thickening, blocked blood flow, or cardiovascular inflammation.
  • HbA1c: Excess levels can indicate severe heart conditions including soft plaque and cardiovascular inflammation and heart attack.
  • LDL-C and HDL-C: Increase in levels of bad cholesterol and a deficit of good cholesterol means the heart is in poor health.


The best multispecialty hospital in Indore, Vishesh Jupiter Hospital, offer advanced and best medical treatment and surgical procedures for, heart failure, angina, heart attack, high BP, palpitations, pain in the chest, and other heart problems under the supervision of medical experts. Schedule an appointment for more information.

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