Benefits of Undergoing Hip replacement surgery

Hip pain can be caused due to many reasons like Hip arthritis (most commonly osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis), Bursitis, Tendinitis, Hip cancer, Avascular necrosis, Hip labral tear, and Hip fractures. It can be relieved by first line of medication or other conservative treatments.

A hip replacement surgery is considered when other non-surgical treatments have been tried but failed and hip pain has started to interfere with daily activities. The surgery is performed on adults only when it is necessary. There are two major types of hip replacement surgery performed by the hip replacement doctor in Indore.


  • Partial hip replacement: It only replaces the damaged or diseased femoral head (i.e. ball of the hip joint) with a metallic or ceramic ball. It is generally performed in patients with hip fractures.


  • Total hip replacement:In this invasive procedure, the diseased or damaged bone and cartilages of the ball and socket joint (i.e. hip joint) are replaced with artificial implants (plastic, metallic, or ceramic), resulting in a natural, healthy hip joint. 


People often are not able to decide that whether hip replacement surgery is a worthy treatment to get rid of their hip pain. While making a decision, several benefits of hip replacement surgery can be looked upon to determine if hip replacement surgery is the best suitable treatment for the patient. Consulting an orthopedic surgeon in Indore can also help one decide to determine if one is an ideal candidate for hip replacement surgery.


Here are some of the advantages of having hip replacement surgery:


  • Alleviate hip pain: Dramatic reduction in hip pain can be provided by surgical hip repair when hips get deformed or have arthritis. Thus the person can walk or move their hips without persistent excruciating pain.


  • Restores mobility and improves hip functioning:After the patients are fully recovered from a total hip replacement surgery, their hip pain is no longer there to interfere with the physical activities that involve hip movement. There is an improved strength of the hip and coordination of the torso and leg.Thus people can go back to their normal daily routine and again enjoy activities like biking, swimming, playing golf, and hiking. They can walk without any restraint and also have better hip-related movements like climbing stairs, getting up from a chair, wearing socks, sitting down, and others.


  • High success rate: Total hip replacement surgery can offer help to the number of problems associated with severe arthritis of the hip. It is a highly successful option that is safe, effective, and durable for patients who are suitable candidates for the procedure.


  • Long-lasting effect: The metallic, ceramic, or plastic constructed implants of the ball and socket joint when inserted in the damaged or knee joint can work effectively for several years. Thus hip replacement surgery can provide long term solution for severe hip arthritis which cannot be repaired by other treatments. 


  • Treat different hip conditions: Hip replacement surgery can be necessary for various conditions that damage the hip joint, these includes-


Rheumatoid arthritis- It is a condition caused by an overactive immune system that causes inflammation of the hip joint. This swelling eventually leads to erosion of the cartilage and occasionally it affects the underlying bones, leading to deformed and damaged hip joints.


Osteonecrosis- It is a condition wherein the hip bones get deformed and might collapse as a result of hip fracture or dislocation which reduces the blood supply to the ball portion of the hip.


Osteoarthritis- It is a condition wherein the cartilage that covers the end of the bones of the hip joint and allows smooth gliding movement of the hip undergoes wear and tear.


  • Minimizes the risk of chronic health issues: After the hip replacement surgery, the doctor always recommends the patient to have some degree of movement that can gradually increase with healing. With hip pain, the patients are not able to have any physical movement, thereby resulting in their sedentary lifestyle. To enjoy, long-term benefits of the surgery, being physically active is very important. It has been seen that people who have hip replacement surgery, have a reduced chance of suffering from lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity, heart failure, and depression.


  • Minimally-invasive hip arthroplasty: It involves making smaller incisions and a guided procedure to be able to visualize the hip joint while the replacements are being made. This provides several benefits like a shorter hospital stay, less recovery time, and early resume of the activities by immediate physical therapies and self-care.


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