The Department of Anaesthesiology at Vishesh Jupiter Hospital is committed to offering unparalleled anaesthesia services, pain management facilities and intensive care services to patients undergoing various surgical interventions. The department is fully equipped with state-of-the-art anaesthesia workstations and other dedicated modalities which are complemented by the expertise of immensely trained and experienced anesthesiologists. The team adheres to the use of highly advanced and safe approaches for delivering anaesthetic care to both adults, as well as small children and infants.
Our team constantly strives to ease your journey towards recovery and offers unparalleled guidance and care to help you prepare for your procedure. A pre-anaesthetic assessment is done to devise a proper anaesthesia plan with adequate gas mixture delivery that would be in the best interest of the patient.
Our areas of specialization include:

  • Local anaesthesia – This is administered to numb a small area of the body on which the procedure is to be performed. It is usually administered in the form of a one-time injection that is given right before the procedure. Our experts usually recommend local anaesthesia while performing biopsies or stitching up open wounds, which may be sustained in an injury. You are completely awake during the procedure; however, you will not feel a thing.
  • Regional anaesthesia – Regional anaesthesia has gained tremendous impetus in modern anaesthetic practise and is widely used for preoperative and perioperative analgesia. It is used for comparatively larger sections of the body such as lower limbs, arms, etc. Our experts also use it at the time of childbirth, in case of Caesarean section, or even in case of minor surgeries.
  • General anaesthesia – This involves a combination of medicines that help to induce a minimally conscious state, which is somewhat similar to a vegetative state. Unlike local or regional anaesthesia that affects a specific part or area of the body, it affects the body as a whole and is used in major surgical procedures like heart surgery, organ transplant, neurosurgery etc.

Why choose Vishesh Jupiter Hospital? 

  • 24/7 availability – We offer round the clock robust care with 24/7 availability to make sure that quality medical care is accessible to patients at all times.
  • Patient-centric approaches – The hospital strictly adheres to a patient-centric approach, making sure that all the treatment plans are curated keeping in mind the best interest of the patients.
  • Dedicated team of experts – The hospital is a hub for nationally and internationally acclaimed anaesthesiologists who work in close collaboration with your medical team to offer personalized care with the best results. Our team is committed to helping you with unparalleled medical guidance on every step.

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